About the Wombles

We are a community led group who encourages support from those who care about their environment and who are passionate about making a difference – it is not a group for moaners but rather for those who wanted to do something positive to improve our county. Litter is an affliction of our society that causes many other anti-social problems; it ruins the appearance of our streets and blights our countryside. Litter makes areas look neglected and uncared for and can have a negative effect on the residents making them feel unsafe. We want our county to be a great place to live, work and visit; with beautiful parks and countryside and urban areas which are prosperous, vibrant and welcoming. A littered environment is bad for our wellbeing and bad for our economy.

Our Aims

The main aim of the group is to eradicate litter in Northamptonshire and we will do this by:

  • Raising awareness of the litter issue
  • Engaging with other agencies to drive the litter agenda forward, agencies such as Keep Britain Tidy, local councils and their contractors, local businesses, education establishments and youth groups
  • Support individuals and groups who wish to litter pick in Northamptonshire
  • Promote an anti-litter campaign

Our History

Northants Litter Wombles (NLW) was started during the Covid lockdown when our usual entertainment establishments were closed and many people took to the streets and countryside to enjoying walking. A huge amount of litter had been displaced following the flooding in the Washlands area in Northampton in January 2021 and it was clear reading Facebook posts that we were not alone in detesting the sight of litter and wanted to do something about it. Nicola Elliott looked to see if there was a Northamptonshire litter picking group she could join – there wasn’t so with the support from Bob Lee, who set up South Leicestershire Litter Wombles, Northants Litter Wombles (NLW) was born on 21st January 2021.  It still amazes and heartens us how quickly our group has grown and we now have over 3000 caring and passionate members!

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